6 Month Absence After Hip Operation – Fit to Return to Work?

A 52 year old woman has been absent from work for 6 months following a complex hip replacement operation. She was referred to Occupational Medicals in order to assess when she is likely to be able to return to work and as to whether any adjustments are needed to her work conditions as an office worker.

She has been slowly improving in her condition but was still crutch-dependent when referred to us. Following a full assessment of her condition our Occupational Health Physician concluded that she is fit to graded return to work within 2 weeks and suggested that she is provided with temporary access to disabled parking and toilet facilities as well as an appropriate seat.

Benefit of Sickness Absence referrals:

  • We become the voice of your employee and help you to see the solution not the problem!

On a number of occasions we have come across cases where the employee who is currently off sick would like to go back to work. Occupational Medicals helps your HR personnel to see the often only minor alterations needed to be made to a person’s work conditions which will enable the employee to return to work and will save money on long term sickness absence to the company.

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