Call Centre Agent With Acute Anxiety/Depression

A 30-year old female call centre agent was referred to us for a fitness to work assessment, having been absent from work with an acute episode of anxiety and depression related to a long-term medical condition.

Stress Management Counselling and Auditing

She had been suffering from this condition for most of her adult life. Before the onset of the latest episode she had been feeling reasonably well, but the recurrence of the symptoms had led to an acute relapse.

Believed to be recovering, she was awaiting test results and already on medication when she saw our consultant occupational health physician.

Our physician concluded that she could return to modified work, over a period of two to three months. It was recommended that she initially worked reduced hours four days a week for two weeks, gradually increasing to reduced hours five days a week for the following two weeks.

Following that she could be gradually phased back to full time employment, and our physician was optimistic that she would be able to return to her normal contracted hours.

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