Depression And Anxiety – Is The Employee Fit To Return To Work?

A 36-year old man had been absent from work following a period of annual leave, after which issues were raised about his performance at work and he was presented with a development plan.

Stress Management Counselling and Auditing

He reported gradual decline in his mental health and wellbeing after this meeting and had consulted his GP prior to being referred to us. When he saw our physician he was already taking medication for his symptoms, and was still absent from work. During the consultation he explained that he did not yet feel ready to return to work, but wished to do so in the near future.

Our physician concluded that he was in the recovery phase of a stress-related illness, and did not appear to be clinically depressed. He was optimistic that he would be able to return to work within the next four weeks, with a gradual return to his duties, initially working half of his contracted hours.

Our consultant was very positive about the employee’s full recovery within two months.

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