Lone Working And Confined Space Medicals For The Lone Worker

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 it is the employers’ duty to assess risks of the job to their employees and take steps to avoid or control risks associated with the job. All employees undertaking lone worker roles have the responsibility to avoid risk wherever possible and cooperate with their employer to enable them to meet their legal obligations by wearing appropriate protective clothing and adhering to safe systems of working. Lone working is commonplace and legally acceptable providing the necessary Risk Assessments are conducted for a potentially large range of duties that has to be covered under the above Act and Regulation, including:

  • identifying the hazards of lone working
  • assessing the risks of the lone worker at the workplace
  • putting measures into place in order to reduce the risks posed to the lone working individuals’ health.
Confined space medical

Lone working appears in a variety of industries including factory and warehouse workers and those working in unsociable hours like office cleaners or security officers as well as drivers, engineers and sales representatives. Alongside this employers are required to be aware of any specific risks posed to the lone worker that apply in their industry sector in order to establish safe lone working arrangements for their employees and to establish if the person is medically fit to carry out lone worker tasks on their own.

Occupational Medicals offers lone worker medicals undertaken by fully trained and highly qualified Occupational Health Physicians to ascertain as to whether any pre existing medical conditions or prescribed medication is likely to have an effect on the person’s ability to complete their lone working role or is likely to impact upon the safety and health of the lone worker or that of fellow workers. Any control measures or support provision would also be recommended so that the employer can ensure compliance with HSW Act 1974 and MHSW Regulations 1999; the lone worker medical is also designed to assess individual health and fitness to undertake the respective duties associated with lone working.

For further information on how you can protect the lone worker from the possible harmful effects of lone working and comply with legislative measures, please visit the HSE website. If you wish to book a lone worker medical or wish to speak to one of our team regarding the issues around lone working please give us a ring or click here to enquire.

For further information on lone working please visit the HSE guidance on the following link http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg73.pdf

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