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A recent survey conducted by the CIPD confirms that issues related to work stress are now becoming increasingly more common than back pain as a cause of long term work absence. Employers are finding that workplace stress has become an increasingly important, yet difficult area to manage given the constraints and workloads placed upon modern employees. Employers find that they have difficulty in recognising work stress however the pressure of identifying the causes can be significantly lessened by simply ensuring that all managers have received adequate training to recognise the causes of, and those suffering from, work stress. Additional difficulties begin to occur when businesses are attempting to define what exactly constitutes a ‘reasonable work adjustment’ for a member of staff who may be extremely stressed. Our stress audit service can take some of the weight of these matters of your shoulders.

We have 30 years expertise in stress audit, management and counselling and in instituting work policies and programmes to suit employers across a range of industry sectors. We will work with you to ensure that you have in place the relevant stress management policies, procedures and knowledge to manage this area to a high standard. The programmes provided by Occupational Medicals include a range of stress audit and counselling services and different policies and tools to help you institute effective stress audit and stress management procedures for managers and employees.
Occupational Medicals strive to help businesses just like yours combat work stress and the associated issues and our unrivaled experience with both stress audits and stress management make us the logical choice to assist not only your business, but also your employees.

If you’d like further useful information on stress management tools, stress audit service and counselling services please contact us at or call our team of occupational health consultants on 0844 310 9319 and we’d be happy to assist you in any way that we can..

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